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I am Ashleigh Brook and I run Sirius Bulldogs.  We specialize in French and English breeds.

All dogs are AKC registered, microchipped, and health checked.  Puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee to protect the buyer in case of a rare complication.  

My main focus breeding bulldogs is to raise healthy and socially adjusted dogs.  Bulldogs have some potential health issues due to their limited gene pool and their Brachycephalic skull.  Most of those potential issues can be limited and eliminated with selective breeding.  I always strive to improve the breed and that is my main focus.  We have a fairly large program and also work with excellent partners which allows us a diverse group of dogs to match up in our breeding program.  We are not "backyard" breeders and this is my full time job!  Breeding healthy dogs is my occupation and my passion! 

We specialize in very rare and exotic dogs but I always keep standard lines in my program to maintain tight breed standards.   I specialize in breeding quality rare and exclusive dogs.  That said we normally have pet dogs available.  Pet dogs are the same top quality as our breeding level dogs but the difference is they will require a spay / neuter contract for purchase.  

I am happy to help pet families as well as new breeders find that perfect dog.  Bulldogs can get expensive fast so it is important to find the right dog.  Your first step is finding a top reliable / reputable breeder and here I am!!

We will strive to keep expanding the page and adding new information.  Please don't hesitate to text or call for information  770-291-9704.



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