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About Ashleigh Brook  Sirius Bulldogs!
Phone 770-291-9704

I am Ashleigh Brook and my bulldogs consume most of my life.  My #1 goal is to raise the healthiest dogs I possibly can!  A close second place is structure.  With health and structure in place I focus on very rare and exotic colors, patters, hair length, ect.  If you are looking for a top quality unique pupy you have found the right place! 

I am often very busy.  I run our kennel with our family so time slips by fast.  The best way to contact me is via Text or Facebook messenger.  I am happy to answer questions and help but if I do not respond immediately please understand I get slammed certain times of the day.  My clients are all VERY IMPORTANT and I always strive for the best service possible.

We can provide on site side by side breeding's with our studs.  We have spared no expense and have some of the best equipment available to ensure successful breeding's.  I use an in house MINI VIDAS progesterone testing machine which is lab grade.  We have in house MCASA semen testing equipment to verify semen quality.  We have an excellent record of success for in house and shipped semen breeding's.  

Where we are different is that we care about clients success.  We love to place pets but our core client base are other breeders.  Your success is our goal!  Our core business model is built around honesty, integrity, and keeping a positive attitude.  I take tremendous pride in our program and with our current level of success I know we are doing the right thing!

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Phone 770-291-9704
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